Kolkata or Calcutta is said to be the capital city of West Bengal. It is one of the metropolitan cities that are very famous all across India. Kolkata was serving as the capital city of India till Independence. It is a combination of educational, cultural and traditional hub. The main meaning of Kolkata is ‘land of kali’. There are amazing places that you can visit in Kolkata.

Kolkata Tourist Information
Kolkata Must Visit Places
Kolkata tourism is booming these days. There is plethora of places that you can visit here. Fort William, Victoria memorial, Eden Gardens, Birla planetarium, National Library etc is all the educational places that have been established during British rules itself. There are other attractions like Marble Palace, Shaheed mandir, Writer’s building, Nicco Park, Belur math, Botanical gardens. All these places are a must visit that would help you get an insight in to place and the cultural traditions of Kolkata.

Kolkata's Famous Cuisines
Kolkata is famous for traditional Bengali food. It has cottage cheese based sweets like sandesh, rosogolla and chanar payash. There are other delicacies like mishit doi and petal guru. Litchi, Choler deal, telebheja, Kochori dum aloo are famous food items that are really great to taste.

Kolkata Markets
Shopping is one of the main attractions in Kolkata. Right from street markets to malls, you have every kind of shopping that is easily done here. There are so many reputed showrooms of saris, as well as other fabrics that would lead you to have amazing shopping. There are all kinds of goods that you can find in Kolkata. You get good quality items from this street shopping in Kolkata. When you come to Kolkata you must get your shopping done as this is a place that is truly shopper’s delight.

How To Reach Kolkata
You can reach Kolkata via air, train or land. You have the airport at Dumdum in Kolkata also you have nearest railway station in Kolkata too. The city is well connected to buses through all the other nearby cities. We are here at India tour city to manage all your trips to Kolkata. Get an insight in to this educational and culturally rich place with our tour and travel packages.
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