Kalimpong is a famous hill station located in West Bengal. Kalimpong is very well known place for its educational institutions. It has temperate climate and is famous as a tourist destination in India. The summer and the spring seasons are the most famous time to visit this place. This is also the ginger growing town of India. There are wide ranges of traditional handicrafts that are famous here.

Kalimpong Tourist Information
Kalimpong Must Visit Places
Gompas are famous here. Thorpa Choling Gompa, Thongsa gompa, Zong Dog Palri Fo-Brang Gompa are famous ones here. Kalimpong is famous for its plants nurseries. You get the most amazing known orchids. Sericulture research institute must be seen which produces silk. There are some of the famous splaces in Kalimpong that has its varied importance must be seen.

Kalimpong's Famous Cuisines
Kalimpong is famous for Tibetan food. You can have cheese, noodles and other such food from this place. You can find vegetarian as well as non vegetarian food here. There are many restaurants and hotels that will bring you all other kinds of cuisines. You may get to have other Tibetan and Chinese foods too.

Kalimpong Markets
There are varied traditional handicrafts that form the suvenier in your collection. You can look out for all kinds of embroidered goods, wood carvings, scrolls, Tibetan jewelery, artifacts and bags too. There are famous Chinese lamps and copper ware that must be bought. You can find the local shops in Kalimpong. All the shops help you with good quality products that can be available in cheaper prices. You can also shop for ginger, honey and strong type of cheese. Tea is one of the final things that are very famous here.

How To Reach Kalimpong
You can reach Kalimpong via air, train or land routes. The city is well connected to nearby places like Sikkim, Kolkata and Nepal. You may reach through flight at nearest airport at Kolkata.

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