Jalpaiguri is a city in West Bengal. Initially it was founded as the trading region. Its main boom was seen in 19th and 20th century. This region has become the port of call for all tose going to the gardens. Lucrative tea trade has been going on here. There are three seasons enjoyed at Jalpaiguri. When you get in to the place, you should see a major tourist attraction that is adding to the beauty of the place.

Jalpaiguri Tourist Information
Jalpaiguri Must Visit Places
One of the famous arch structures at Jalpaiguri is the Jalpaiguri Rajbari. Sun Rise at Tessta pur is another major attraction. There are several lakes in the Rajbari palace grounds. Jalpaiguri Nawab bari is yet another famous place to be enjoyed. King Shahebar Ghat, Rabindra Bhawan, River Teesta, Teesta Udyan, Town club stadium, Darojendra Deb Raikat kala Kendra are famous tourist spots that should be visited when you come to Jalpaiguri. Severel tea gardens Goshala mela, Devi chaudhrani mandir, Jalpesh temple are also unavoidable places.

Jalpaiguri's Famous Cuisines
Jalpaiguri cuisine follows typical west Bengal cuisine. You can find more of Fish and other items. There are some of the food like rice, lentils and vegetables included. You have so many different restaurants and hotels that will provide you other famous cuisine like continental and Chinese too.

Jalpaiguri Markets
Jalpaiguri is not that much famous place that you should do here. Some of the local stuff that may interest you are easily found in these local markets. You can find few handicrafts, woolen textiles and even other materials in the local markets. The best part is that you get all these stuff in cheaper prices.

How To Reach Jalpaiguri
There are three ways to reach Jalpaiguri. You can reach this place via air, train or bus. The nearest airport is at Kolkata. You have the nearest railway station at same place. The city is well connected to all the nearby cities. India tour city will help you book the tour with the ways you want to get your travel done. We help you to make your travel comfortable and easy and not full of hassles.
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