Are you interested in visiting Dungarpur? If so then you should look in to some of the amazing facts related to same. Dungarpur is a famous and attractive tourist spot located in rajasthan. It is situated 120 kms from Udaipur. It is situated in southernmost region of Rajasthan. Generally the climate is very dry yet you should know the best months when you visit the place.

Durgapur Tourist Information
Durgapur Must Visit Places
Udai bilas palace and Juna palace is the famous tourist spot that you should look for. These are the perfect example of great architecture with exemplary carvings. Theer are glass paintings along with miniature paintings encarved in same. Srinath ji temple and Sri adinatha Jain Swetambar temple are said to be the best ones here. Rajmata Devender Kunwar State Museum, Gaib Sagar Lake, Baroda, Beneshwar, Bhvaneshwar, Deo Somnath Temple, Temple of Lord Shiva etc are some of the main places that you should visit and you are sure to love them.

Durgapur's Famous Cuisines
Dungarpur follows typical rajasthani cuisine to be precise. You may find some of the best restaurants and hotels that provide you continental and other cuisines. But you will surely love the Rajasthani food that has more of milk products and less usage of water in its cooking.

Durgapur Markets
Dungarpur is not perfectly Shopper’s delight. But with the local markets in between the places you visit, you are sure to love the quality of items and cheap prices that you see. You can select the best of handicrafts, leather ware and even the best of colored and bandhani fabrics. The prices are so well managed that you will love to come back again and again.

How To Reach Durgapur
You can choose flight, train or bus as per your convenience and budget that you have. Nearest airport is at Udaipur and the railway station is within too. Bus routes are best as it is connected very well to other towns and cities via bus. Let us help your complete travel package in easy ways by simply calling off the Dungarpur package. We help you get away from any issue and simply enjoy the holidays.
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