Allahabad is a major city in India. It is one of the main holy cities in India. It is also said to be the second oldest cities in India. It is located in North eastern part of Uttar Pradesh. Prayag is the name of ancient city of India. Seven out of fourteen prime ministers of India were from Allahabad. Allahabad has been selected as the mission cities of India. It has really developed its infrastructure.

Allahabad Tourist Information
Allahabad Must Visit Places
Allahabad is famous as the very special and unique religious place in India. Sangam area of prayag, ancient India fort are must visit. Mankameshwar temple, Alopi devi temple, Bhardwaj Ashram, Sangam, Akshayvata, Nag vasuki temple, Kalyan devi temple are some of the famous temples you should see. Apart from the temples, Allahabad has some of the best institutes and it also has some historical monuments and forts nearby that you should visit.

Allahabad's Famous Cuisines
Allahabad follows typical Uttar Pradesh cuisine. You can follow the best of Allahabad cuisine simply by knowing the local taste of people. You can find multi cuisine available. There are so many reputed hotels and restaurants to help you taste the variety of cuisine that you want to. Whether you want Chinese, North Indian and even the Uttar Pradeshi dishes, you can follow same.

Allahabad Markets
You can get to buy so many things from local Allahabad markets. Kumbh mela is one famous mela that is attracting tourists every year. You can buy greatest quality stuff from these markets. Whether you want good fabric, handicrafts, idols, and anything, you can buy it here in cheap prices.

How To Reach Allahabad
You can reach Allahabad via air, train or bus. Allahabad is well connected to all cities through bus routes. You can reach Allahabad at its nearest railway station at the same place. Nearest airport is located at Allahabad itself.

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