In the north of semi desert region of Rajasthan is the place called Shekhawati. This is very small city and it is popularly known as open art gallery of Rajasthan. It has also earned the title of ‘Scotland of India’. It had the sacrificing and pain staking Rajputs of India. This place has special significance to the people of India. The winters have the minimum temperature of zero degree celcius. It has richly painted Havelis that you would love.

Shekhawati Tourist Information
Shekhawati Must Visit Places
Shekhawtai is a famous place that is rich with decorated and painted havelis. It has some of the rich artistic decoration. There are numerous fine arts, murals and mirror work. Mandawa is known as captivating havelis. There are excellent paintings in the fort. Nawalgarh is another famous tourist attraction that is known. It has lovely paintings. Dundlod is the leading places in Shekhawati. Junjhunu, Horse safari and Fatehpur are other tourist attractions. Lachchman garh fort, jeen mata temple, harshnath temple, Mukundgarh are other attractions.

Shekhawati's Famous Cuisines
Shekhwati cuisine follows traditional Rajasthani food to be precise. Rajasthani food is rich in milk and uses less of water. You can enjoy the cuisine in so many restaurants and hotels where you may prefer to stay.

Shekhawati Markets
There are small and local markets in Shekhwati where you can shop for mirror work apparels, clothings and everything. It is famous for mural work, mirror and other paintings that you can buy. The best part with even the local markets is that you get good quality stuff even in cheap prices.

How To Reach Shekhawati
You can reach Shekhwati by any means either by air, train or buses. This place is well connected to all other cities and towns. Nearest airport is at Udaipur and station is also in Udaipur. Buses routes are connected to all other cities.

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