Ranakpur Tourist Information
Ranakpur Must Visit Places
Ranakpur has the famous temple that is Marble jain temple. It is just famous for its architectural beauty. This is four faced temple and it has four faces of lord Adinath. Sun temple is another famous temple that is worth watching. There are great encarvings of warriors, horses and solar dieties that you see. There are nearby places where you can go for famous excursions. Sadri, desuri, Ghaneroa, narlai, Muchchal mahavir and Falna are the greatest examples that can be made.

Ranakpur's Famous Cuisines
Ranakpur is famous for its cuisine as Rajasthani food. It has all the specialties with that of Rajasthani food like daal baati churma and pakodis. Many hotels and resorts have come up that will provide you traditional rajasthani food along with the other cuisine of world. You may find the Chinese and intercontinental food that you may want.

Ranakpur Markets
Ranakpur is famous for shopping for idols and even other religious things. You may get to shop for some of the best kinds of encarvings. There are some of the famous markets in Maharani Bagh and Casa Manolo.

How To Reach Ranakpur
Ranakpur is a famous place that is well connected to all other places and cities. Nearest airport is located in Udaipur and that of railway station Is located in town of ranakpur itself. You can take any bus to ranakpur from the town of Udaipur. Journey to ranakpur with bus is just amazing.

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