Pushkar is a sacred place that is located in Rajasthan. There are more than 400 temples and this is place that is famous for its scenic beauty too. It has number of exciting attractions that is attracting many tourists from all across the place. Famous Pushkar Lake and Brahma temple are the most famous ones that are situated here. There is annual Pushkar fair that is held every year. Major attractions in Pushkar are during the months of Oct to November.

Pushkar Tourist Information
Pushkar Must Visit Places
One of the most important places in Pushkar is Brahma temple and is the one & only temple of Lord Brahma in the world. It has a legend story associated with it. Another important temple that you should see is the Mahadev temple. Pushakr Lake is another religious place that is one of the main tourist attractions for many tourists. Savitri temple is a temple dedicated to goddess Savitri. It is located just behind the hill top. Rangnath temple and Varah temple are other temples that are very important to be visited.

Pushkar's Famous Cuisines
Rajasthan is an apt destination of your taste bud if you love tasty and rich food. It serves as the best place that can serve you with mouth watering delicacies that you may not find anywhere else. All the dessert or food that you have in Pushkar cuisine, lack water and is more of milk stuffed. Daal Baati, Rajasthani gatte, Khasta puri are some famous ones.

Pushkar Markets
You get so many different items that you can shop for in Pushkar. Rajasthani costumes, puppets, bangles, beads, decorative pieces, brass utensils, etc. you can get these shopping stuffs from Pushkar bazaar in these religious temples situated nearby. You can also shop around in the local markets.

How To Reach Pushkar
You can reach Pushkar via air, train or bus. Nearest airport is at Jaipur while station is situated in puhskar itself. You have the city connected well to all other cities and states located nearby.

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