Kota is one famous place mostly for educational purpose. There are so many different institutions that help to prepare you for various entertained and competitive exams. Kota is situated in Rajasthan in the eastern bank of Chambal River. It has modern industrialized temples and is a wealth of impressive forts. The upcoming industries have made it the heart of industries in Rajasthan. Kota has also become the hallmark of Raj puts. The moment you get in to this place, you are sure to enjoy the gallantry and true place of this place.

Kota Tourist Information
Kota Must Visit Places
Chambal garden is a beautiful garden that is situated in beautifully landscaped pattern. Maharao Madho Singh museum is situated in Kota which has repository of museums and other architectural varieties. The Government Museum, Jag mandir, Haveli of devta ji, Kota barrage are some of the adventurous and exciting places you should visit. Some of the otherplaces are Kansua shiv ling with four faced shiv ji's murti are other places of interest. Bhitaria kund and aadhar shila Singh bafna haveli are other such things that should be managed. The other places of excursions include Bardoli, rana pratap Sagar dam, Bhanddeora temple, Saitabari, shergarh etc.

Kota's Famous Cuisines
There is a splendid amalgam of rich food that is present in Kota. Kota cuisine is one of the famous kinds of Rajasthan cuisine. One of the essential ingredients of majority of Kota cuisine is the unadulterated ghee. Lapsa is a sweet meat that is prepared using broken wheat grains.

Kota Markets
One of the famous markets in Kota is Gaya Street Sunday market. There are other local markets in Kota that can be enjoyable too. Filipino market is one market that has some of the best handicrafts of the world. You can buy all kinds of arts and crafts from Kota markets.

How To Reach Kota
You may reach Kota via air, train or land. The city is well connected to all other cities and nearby places through train and bus routes respectively. Nearest airport is at Jaipur. India tour city will help you plan your travel to Jaipur and Kota and let you enjoy the travel by being at ease.
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