Jaisalmer is situated in the heart of Rajasthan and it has picturesqueue thar desert. It is attracting Indian as well as foreign tourists. Jaisalmer has glorius facets and you can find the historical monuments scattered all over. Jaisalmer is also known as ‘Golden city. It is a famous place that is visited by so many tourists from all over the place.

Jaisalmer Tourist Information
Jaisalmer Must Visit Places
Jaisalmer is fullof historical monuments that are very famous all across the place. Jaisalmer fort is a dominating structure between the sands. Sonar quila is another fort that is made of sand and stones. Salim ji ki haveli and nathmal ji ki haveli are striking places. You may see many other monuments that are attractive and should be visited. Ancient and mediavel era is combined well.

Jaisalmer's Famous Cuisines
Jaisalmer is very traditional and reflects rich cultural heritage. There are wide varieties of dishes cooked in light oil. Some of the restaurants are there in Rajasthan that has exclusive varieties of RAjasthani food for the tourists. Ker sangria, Bhano aloo, Kadi pakoda are famous food items.

Jaisalmer Markets
Jaisalmer is famous for shopping. It gives a unique experience to shopping spree. There are narrow bazar that are lined up on both sides. This place is famous for mirror work embroidery and carpets, woolens, tapestry, oil lamps. You can go for buying wooden boxes too. Main shopping areas are Manak Chowk, sada bazar, Pansari bazar, Rajasthali.

How To Reach Jaisalmer
Jodhpur airways are connected to Jaisalmer and Jodhpur airport is almost 300 kms from Jaisalmer. You can take a cab and then prefer to go around the places. Jaisalmer is also connected to major railway stations. It is connected through broad guage and meter guage railway stations. You can visit this place by ‘Palace on wheels’. Jaisalmer is well connected to all states with well maintained roads.

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