Bundi is a picturesqueue location in Rajasthan. This town is situated from 35 km from Kota. It is situated 210 kms from Jaipur. This is a place well known for its palaces and forts. Initially Bundi was called, ‘Bonda ka nal’. When you look at the palaces and forts then you can see architecture that reflects the grandeur of the palace and forts. You can see the palaces of Bundi that are well decorated with frescoes.

Bundi Tourist Information
Bundi Must Visit Places
Taragarh Fort is one place that is situated in Bundi. It offers a panaromic view of the Aravalli valley range. Bundi palace is one famous palace situated near taragarh fort. Ranaji ki Baori has intricately carved paintings which make it very attracting. Nawal sagar is another place that is situated in hearts of bundi city. Dabhai kund is yet another place that you should visit. Sukh mahal, Jait Sagar Lake and Phool Sagar Lake are other added attractions that are very famous.

Bundi's Famous Cuisines
Food in Bundi is typical Rajasthani style food. The cooking style involves cooking in edible ingredient. Daal baati is the main food that is famous all over. Panchkoota, Lapsi, Ghoogri, Bail Gatte, Chaavdi are the main food items that are cooked here.

Bundi Markets
Bundi has local markets that are very famous. You can buy handicrafts, handlooms, clothes with colorful patterns and many new leather items that you can buy. Although Bundi is not very well known for shopping area, but you can get the best of things in cheap prices here.

How To Reach Bundi
Bundi is very well linked to Ajmer, Kota and Udaipur through bus routes. There is a small railway station located near south of the town. Bundi does not have any airport, but you can fly till Jaipur and then take a bus route to Kota.

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