Ajmer is a religiously famous place located in Rajasthan. It is a mixture of Sufi culture as well as Hindu culture. It is considered to be a coveted place for Mughals, Marathas and Rajputs. It had become the part of Delhi Sultanate. Ajmer has become one of the hot spot locations for anyone who visits India. This is a beautiful place with some of the historical locations in it.

Ajmer Tourist Information
Ajmer Must Visit Places
Ajmer-e-sharif Dargah, which is India’s most important pilgrimage centre, is hugely famous all across. Adhai din ka jhonpura is yet another famous place that you can visit. It is a Sanskrit college which is very famous in that area. Nasiyan is a Jain temple that is also famous in Ajmer. There are many museums like Govt museum and lakes like Ana sagar lake and Foy lake that are particularly very famous. Taragarh fort, Kishengarh fort are other forts that are unavoidable places. Pushkar and Mangliyawas are other famous excursions from Ajmer.

Ajmer's Famous Cuisines
Ajmer has some of the finest restaurants and hotel that would let you taste the typical rajasthani food and even other food that you may like. When you are in Ajmer, you should taste the best of Rajasthani food. Get a taste of Daal, baati churma to your tongue.

Ajmer Markets
If you are in Ajmer then you are in shopper’s delight city. As soon as you enter the city you see colorful things standing on the threads and other areas. Ajmer shopping gets you in to colorful items that are reaching high zenith of popularity all across India. Antiques, curios, jewelery, die fabrics and mojaris and trinkets are famous things you can buy. Purani mandi, kesarganj and Naya bazaar are famous market spots.

How To Reach Ajmer
You can reach Ajmer with flight, train or bus. These are the means that you can choose as per your budget and time span of holidays. Nearest airport is at Jaipur, and nearest station is at Amer itself. The place is well connected to bus routes to different cities. We, at India tour city help you manage the tour in easy ways.