Tourism in Chandigarh is one a greater peak amongst all other cities in Punjab. People from all over the place come to visit this place due to its amazing beautiful nature and the serene silence of city. It has some of the amazing themes of gardens. Not only the place is undergoing good developmental changes in last few years but it has also retained its older and amazing values. You can get in to seeing so many places that can attract you as its sightseeing places.

Chandigarh Tourist Information
Chandigarh Must Visit Places
There are some of the popular places to visit in Chandigarh. It includes Rick garden, which has every monuments and complete garden made of rock. It is so beautifully incurved that you are sure to be benefitted by it. Another place to enjoy is at leisure valley. Sukhna Lake, open hand monuments and Capitol complex are yet other sight seeing places that are enjoyed by every tourist who come to visit Chandigarh. All these places form the beauties of Chandigarh.

Chandigarh's Famous Cuisines
Punjabi traditional food is what is very common in Chandigarh. In complete north India, it is the Punjabi food that dominates. Extensive use of butter, ghee and oil is very normal thing. Traditional Punjabi tadka and mixture of onion, garlic, tomato and other spices are used in every vegetable. Punjab di lassi is yet another famous sweet that you must taste when you come here.

Chandigarh Markets
Complete Chandigarh is divided in two markets. You have famous markets in ach of these sectors. Chandigarh has its world famous market at sector 17. M G Super market is yet another market that is famous here. You get woolens, handmade crafts and other items in cheaper ways. You are sure to get good quality materials easily in these markets. Apart from sector 17, sector 22 is a very famous shopping area. Shopping in Chandigarh is truly considered style statement and you will enjoy it thoroughly.

How To Reach Chandigarh
If you are thinking to fly to Chandigarh then you have nearest airport at Chandigarh itself. You have numerous number of train facility at is station. The city is well connected to bus transport through the buses network. Depending on the state and city you can choose your own mean of transport.

You can get help from us as we will make your trip memorable and fun filled. We not only help you visit these places but help you to make it enjoyable.
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