Amritsar is a place of mysteries and myths. There are so many different things famous for Amritsar. Lots of religious and historical places are seen here which a real pleasure to watch are. This is a city which is at the prime location of getting the view of Golden temple which is a sacred place for all sikhs. To cater to the need to visitors there are many hotels and accommodation that would be helping you. We are helping you serve with your budgeted deals easily in your trip.

Amritsar Tourist Information
Amritsar Must Visit Places
One of the prime places that must be visited in Amritsar is the golden temple. It is situated in Prime location. You are sure to have splendid experience and you get very peaceful. Wagah border is another great fun to be visited. Jallianwala bagh is very famous for the historical incidence that took place long back. You must visit the place as you will get an insight how badly our freedom fighters were killed in this place by the Britishers. Harmandir sahib, Attari Border crossing and Khalsa College Along With Chand Boari are the other famous places that you should visit.

Amritsar's Famous Cuisines
Amritsari cuisine is some of the delicacies that everyone would love to have. There are rich and spicy non vegetarian food that are very famous. Tanduri kulchas, chhole bhature, multi layered paranthas, puris, mutton tikkas, seekh kabab and barbequeue chicken are the specilties of this place. You have amazing variety of dishes that you can taste in the hotels. Gur ka halwa, Pinnis and Balushahi are the sweet dishes that are famous. You get perfect blend of traditional and contemporary food items.

Amritsar Markets
Amritsar is very famous for handicrafts like phulkari, jewelry and lacquered wood work. Shopping in Amritsar is a pleasant experience. You can shop for some Amritsari and Punjabi suits. There are lines of shopping markets that you can catch hold of in Amritsar. Green Ave market, Putligarh market and local markets are other great sources where you can shop around.

How To Reach Amritsar
There are three ways to reach Amritsar as per your convenience. If you live nearby you can choose bus travel. If you are travelling from other parts of India, you may choose flight or train as per your budget and time constraints. Nearest airport and station are situated near by itself. India tour city helps to manage your trip as per your convenience. You get to catch hold of the amazing experience of place where you are sure to feel nostalgic.
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