Pune is the eighth largest metropolis in India. It is considered to be largest city in Western Ghats. Initially Pune was called as Punawadi. Chhatrapati shivaji is said to be founder of Maratha Empire and the city Pune. Pune is a well known place now. It is known for world famous institutions and many software companies. Information technology and automation companies are really getting a boon these days.

Pune Tourist Information
Pune Must Visit Places
Pune is also said to be ‘city of virtue’. Sri balagi mandir, Bhimshankara temple, Jain temple, are some of the famous temples you should visit in this place. The four fountain spa, Raja dinkar kelkar museum, Panshet dam, Lavasa international convention centre, Darshan museum are other famous places that needs to be visited when you are here in Pune. Parvati temple, Laxmi road and Sinhagad fort are other major tourist destinations that should be visited. Shaniwar wada, mahanivanspa and raigad fort are also adding to beauty of this place.

Pune's Famous Cuisines
Pune is famous for its food too. They have the typical taste of coconut and garlic. Large amount of green chillies are used. There are number of food items that are used like jowar and bajra being the prime meal part. Chewda, bhakerwadi and pedas are the main sweet dishes.

Pune Markets
Pune has become a developed city now. It is truly considered to be worth living. This has given it enough reason to be having its own shopping areas. There are wide ranges of shopping options that you can explore. Suiting, shirting, handicrafts, toys; steel, plastic as well as embroidered materials can be easily bought from these places. Some famous shopping areas are bajirao road, MG road, Laxmi road, Gymkhana road, Mahatama Phuel mandai etc.

How To Reach Pune
You can reach Pune via air, train or bus. Pune has its own airport and it is well connected to all other cities via its railway station. This place is also connected amazingly well connected bus routes. India tour city manages to make your trip interesting and great; You can see how well things are managed when we are here to serve you.
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