Nasik is one of the biggest cities in Maharashtra. It is located in North West of Mahasrashtra. Nasik is the main place where Lord Rama the king of Ayodhya made it his home. Nasik is one of the main holy cities in India. There are so many attractions that will help you to get in to the place.

Nasik Tourist Information
Nasik Must Visit Places
Nasik is famous for its religious importance. There are so many temples that you can visit. Ramkund, Muktidham temple, someshwar are the best of Nasik temples. Apart from temples you may find the best of caves like Deolali camps, which is simply amazing cave to explore. Artillary centre is one artilalry that is situated behind pandava caves. Takli is one of the religious centres devoted to Guru Chhatrapati shivaji. Trimabekshwar temple, York winery, Sita gupha, Sundarnarayan temple are some other interesting and historical places that should be visited.

Nasik's Famous Cuisines
Nasik cuisine follows vegetarian cuisine as it is completely religious centre. They provide simple yet spicy foods. You can find some amazing cuisine in form of sweet dishes like sevian, phirni and other such things. There are some of the restaurants and hotels where you can get all kinds of cuisines. You can choose the dish as per you want.

Nasik Markets
You can find many items to buy in Nasik. It helps you with ethnic jewelry, fabrics, apparels and even handicrafts. There are local Nasik markets that provide you quality goods in cheaper prices.

How To Reach Nasik
You can reach Nasik through air, train or land. There are easy bus connections, or even the train connection. If you live nearby and you have holidays then you can reach Nasik through bus or train. Otherwise you may prefer to book a flight. Nearest airport is at Mumbai, from where you will have to choose other transport medium to reach Nasik.

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