Ellora caves are the archaeological site in Maharashtra. It is 30 km away from the city of Aurangabad. It is very well known for its monumental caves. It represents epitome of Indian rock cut architecture. There are different viharas and mathas that are very uniquely carved. You can get in to so many interesting places that is making Ellora just a must visit.

Ellora Tourist Information
Ellora Must Visit Places
Ellora caves are famous for many reasons. They are having rock cut carvings. Different religions caves are divided in different ways. You have Buddhist caves, Hindu caves and Jain caves. One of the most attractive master pieces is the Kailasha temple of Ellora caves. It is considered to be one of the most largest and massive sculptures. It took nearly 150 years to be completed. The best part is that it is famous for the mix of Hindu and Jain caves. You should also visit the famous Ajanta and Ellora caves festivals.

Ellora's Famous Cuisines
As Ajanta and Ellora is a tourist destination, you can find many restaurants and hotels. It is situated in Maharashtra, so you can find the Maharashtrian cuisine. You have some delicacies in form of sevian, phirni and other sweet dishes. Apart from it, you can choose other cuisine like continental, Mexican, north Indian and south Indian as well. Mughlai and chinese are also preferred.

Ellora Markets
Ellora caves are the tourist destination that is must for sight-seeing and other purpose. You can find some of the best local markets to buy your local stuff. You can buy your ethnic jewellery, handicrafts, handlooms and other products from these markets. There is good eating out places too, to hang around.

How To Reach Ellora
You can reach Ellora via air, train or bus. Nearest airport is in Nasik, while railways station is at Ellora itself. This place is easily connected to nearby cities through its bus routes. If you are confused with planning your travel, you can let us help you in deciding your travel location and other things. We help you get a hassle free mode to travel and get the spend holidays in Ellora.
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