Ajanta caves are the famous caves in Aurangabad district of Maharashtra. There are some of the fascinating scriptures and paintings that are existing in caves. There are 29 rock cut caves that are preserved since early historical times. Since 1983, Ajanta has been a UNESCO World Heritage sites. When you are visiting Maharashtra, a trip to Ajanta is a must.

Ajanta Tourist Information
Ajanta Must Visit Places
Ajanta is not one cave but there are many caves that you can visit here. Ajanta caves are famous for 30 rock cut Buddhist caves. Five of the caves are the Buddhist cathedrals and remaining 25 are said to be the monasteries. The basic designs that are made for these caves are called chaityas and viharas. The four caves are Cave 1, Cave 2, Cave 3, and cave 4. The first cave is in eastern end and second one was adjacent to cave 1. Till now, cave 4 is said to be the biggest and largest cave for monasteries.

Ajanta's Famous Cuisines
Ajanta is famous tourist spot so you have so many world class restaurants and hotels where you can get different tasty food to satisfy your taste buds. The main local food is the typical maharashtri food. The cuisine is influenced mostly by the local people and the culture followed with the crops grown. Puran poli, modak, batata vada, and kaande pohe are the famous ones. Jowar, bajra, lentils and fruit are important part of their diet.

Ajanta Markets
Ajanta is not a famous shopper’s paradise but you can find some of the amazing things to buy. All these ethnic jewelry, fabric and other local handicrafts can be bought from these local markets. All these items are cheaply priced and help you have a good collection.

How To Reach Ajanta
You can reach Ajanta via air, train or bus. Nearest airport is at Aurangabad and the railway station is Jalgaon. The place is very well connected to all other cities through bus journey. If you live nearby, you can simply get in to here by bus routes. India tour city is here to help you with all such tour organizations.
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