Ujjain is one of the sacred places in Madhya Pradesh. This is famous for having one of the jyotirling here. Jyotirling is the temple of lord shiva is situated here. It was originally called as Avantika. It is situated on right bank of river shipra. It is considered to be a holy city for all hindus. It represents blend of old culture with modern thoughts.

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Ujjain Must Visit Places
This historical city stands tall with so many amazing temples and associated stories. Bhartrihari caves, which are proudly located on bank of river shipra is must watch. Mahakaleshwar is considered to be one of the twelve jyotirlinga which is situated in Indore. Then you also have Bade ganesh ji ka mandir, Kaliadeh palace, ved shala or observatory, Harsiddhi temple and gadkalika temple. Each of these temples is devoted to the respective god and goddess. Kal bhairav, Gopal mandir, Triveni or navgrah ka mandir are other famous ones. You actually feel the divine peace when you visit this place.

Ujjain's Famous Cuisines
Ujjain is a religious place. It helps you with simple yet tasty food items. Mostly the food is completely vegetarian. You can find different variety of tastes here. If you are staying in hotels and want to eat in restaurants, you may have the access to other cuisine like continental and other Asian food items.

Ujjain Markets
If you have attraction to collect jewelry and other artifacts then Ujjain helps you with same. You have local markets around every temple that will provide you with materials like handbags, purses, books, religious books and even this jewelery. You can buy many of the religious items from these local shops too. There are some amazing handicrafts that are being sold here in Ujjain.

How To Reach Ujjain
You can reach Ujjain via air, train or even bus. Ujjain is very well connected to each of them. It has its own railway station. Indore is the nearest airport through which you can reach Ujjain. India tour city is here to manage your trip well through each of this connectivity’s. We help you to have a hassle free trip.
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