Orccha has been named after its meaning that is ‘Hidden place’. It is almost 18 ksm south from Jhansi in Madhya Pradesh. The place is clustered around the foot of exotic ruins, and architectural gems. There are sleepy villages, market stalls and attractive places that you should visit. You must get in to here to know more about places to be visited.

Orchha Tourist Information
Orchha Must Visit Places
Orccha is truly a photographer’s delight. There are so many monuments and forts that you can choose to get involved in to. It has some of the finest buildings that are seen. In the evenings it turns immensely amazingly beautiful. The raj mahal and rai Praveen mahal are famous palaces that should be seen. Jehangir mehel is another delight that is most admired palace in orccha. Sheesh mahal or palace of mirrors is also famous. The Chhatris or weed choked domes are famous here too. You must get in to each of these architectural sceneries to understand the real amazing facts of same.

Orchha's Famous Cuisines
Orccha is truly a visitors or tourist place. It has so many different restaurants and hotels to serve you when you come to visit the place. You can choose any hotel and restaurants and you will get some of the best cuisine like chinese, thai, continental and even Indian food properly made here. There are best of the eating out places that you can choose.

Orchha Markets
Orccha is different and unique place to visit. You can find some of the local markets that will bring you good quality stuff in easy prices. You simply have to take out the best of things from these markets. You can get some handicrafts and other fabrics that are very famous here. Jewelry and idols are also important here.

How To Reach Orchha
You can reach Orccha via air, train or bus. Gwalior is the nearest airport and then you can connect through bus to reach Orccha. Jhansi railway station connects orccha through train facilities. Bus routes are available to be connected to all nearby places.

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