Khajuraho or Temple of love, as it is popularly known as, has become one of the hottest tourist destinations of India. It is located in Madhya Pradesh and every year it sees so many visitors coming for a trip. It has some of the best forms of temples and amazing carvings on these forts and temples for which it is hugely famous.

Khajuraho Tourist Information
Khajuraho Must Visit Places
Apart from temple, there are many forts and museums for which Khajuraho is popular. There is Beni sagar lake, Ranguan Lake, Pandav waterfall, Ranch lake, being some of the best lakes. Some of the monuments and forts popular in this area are Dhubela museum, Rajgarh palace, Ajaygarh fort, Kalinjar fort etc. there are some of the best national parks that you would love to visit. Panna national park and Bandhavgarh parks are the parks associated.

Khajuraho's Famous Cuisines
There are some of the best eating joints in Khajuraho presenting you with different cuisine from all over the world. Most of the eating joints are located around the western temples. You can have complete relaxation of place and enjoy it thoroughly when you visit it. Italian, Indian, thai and continental foods are easily enjoyed here as it is a tourist spot.

Khajuraho Markets
Khajuraho markets are famous all over the place. The markets look colorful and vibrant. There are different bazaars for every purpose. You have grocery bazaar, bazaars which sell dresses, Traditional bazaars where you can get everything you want. You can find metal wares, jewelry and exclusive products of Madhya Pradesh in these shopping areas.

How To Reach Khajuraho
Khajuraho is completely commercial tourist destination. So it is accessible with every means. You can catch any flight and trains to come to this place. If you are native to Madhya Pradesh then you can connect to Khajuraho through bus routes as it is well connected. Let us help you choose the best way to enjoy your holiday. We will help you to stay in the best of hotels and also enjoy the best of foods that can be best to make your holiday’s truly exhilarating experience.