Kanha National Park

Kanha national park is one of the largest national parks in India. It has bamboo forests, grassy meadows, and some of the best ravines of kanha. It was in 1955 when Kanha national park came in to being. It was created under the project tiger. There are so many attractions within this park that you are sure to love around.

Kanha National Park Tourist Information
Kanha National Park Must Visit Places
Bamni dadar is a place near Kanha national park that is a must visit. This place is also famous as sunset point. It is a scenic beauty at this point. This is a spot that mesmerizes its own charm and beauty. Kanha museum is another thing you should not miss. This museum helps you with so many new facts about wildlife and forest that you may not have known. This is a magnifying natural splendor that you should never miss. There are some of the famous resorts and hotels that you can book for your stay.

Kanha National Park's Famous Cuisines
Kanha national park follows all kinds of cuisine as it is perfect tourist destination. Every year so many tourists from all across the world come to visit this park. You can see the real tiger and feel the thrill. They help you with continental, North Indian, Punjabi and even the Madhya Pradesh famous cuisine. You can get what you want here in Kanha national park resorts and hotels.

Kanha National Park Markets
Kanha national park is famous for wild tiger reserves and famous sparks. It is not a shoppers paradise yet it can help you with some local markets. You can shop for some of the best leather products. There are some idols and other products that can be of cheaper price.

How To Reach Kanha National Park
You can reach Kanha national park through air, train or bus routes. Those who stay nearby can visit through bus routes. Otherwise you may prefer flight or train and you get huge choices to get those. Let us handle your trip with choosing best transport means and best time to visit the place. India tour city has been arranging these travels since early.
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