Indore is one of the important places that you should get to know in Madhya Pradesh. It is situated at Malwa plateu and it is said to be the commercial capital place of Madhya Pradesh. It has amazing modernization and development along with happy blend of historical things. You must visit the main attractions of this place to know it in better way.

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Indore Must Visit Places
Rajwada or old palace is famous in Indore. You can see the blend of French, mughal and Maratha architecture here. Lal bagh palace, Kanch mandir, chhatri bagh, bada ganpati and omkareshwar are other important religious places to be visited. Omkareshwar is one of the temples dedicated to Lord shiva and it is attracting large number of religious tourists from all over the world. Mayank blue water park and Khajrana ganesh mandir are other sightseeing places that you can cover in Indore.

Indore's Famous Cuisines
Indore cuisines are loved by people from all over the world. It has variety, fine flavor and taste. There are huge varieties of food that you should encounter. Spicy chat food is one of the favorite here. Shikanji, old lassi, good vegetarian food are the main things here. You must enjoy these cuisines at the local areas.

Indore Markets
Indore has some of the best shopping complexes that you can visit. There are so many handiginous materials that you can look for. Some of the prominent markets are Indore cloth market, Singapore market, Kothari market, Right from clothing, fabric to hand made products; you get everything in these markets. The best part is that the ranges of goods are within your budget.

How To Reach Indore
You can reach Indore via air, train or even buses. If you are travelling from far off places, you can get the best of flights connecting to Indore airport. The city is well connected to all other cities through railway stations. If you live nearby then you can find the best bus routes here.

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