Gwalior is a princely state in Madhya Pradesh. It is famed for its outstanding palaces and sacred temples and glorious forts. It has some of the fascinating attractions that you can visit. The date is traced back to the 8th century AD. The name of the city has been after ‘Gwalipa’. There is a cradle of dynasties that has become famous here.

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Gwalior Must Visit Places
Gwalior includes some of the best museums and forts that are fascinating. It has sandstone mosque, rock temples, and fabulous statues, that upkeep the tradition of Gwalior. Gwalior is also famous for the birth of Musician Tansen. Gwalior has been dream city for many people. Jai vilas palace, Scindhia Museum, Maharaji Jiyaji Rao Scindhia, Gujari Mahal, etc are the main attractions of the place. Man mandir palace and Suraj Kund are the main attractions that every one visits here who come from the other parts of world.

Gwalior's Famous Cuisines
Although there is no signature cuisine for Gwalior, yet you can find some amazing tastes and varieties offered by people of Gwalior. There are some hotels and restaurants that would provide you all kinds of cuisine you would love to have. Be it north India, South Indian, continental, Mexican or anything. You are sure to have amazing experience in Gwalior.

Gwalior Markets
There are major bazaars and minor bazaars that are famous in Gwalior. You can find state tourism shops, safari bazaar for handlooms, jewelery as well as handicrafts. To get the best leather items you can go to topi bazaar. Bada bazaar and naya bazaar are other shopping areas for tourists.

How To Reach Gwalior
You can reach Gwalior by air, train or bus. The airport is situated from 8 kms of the heart of city. While the Gwalior railway station is connected to all major cities of India. The area is very well connected through the bus routes, so it is amazing to get closer here.

India tour city will help you with each small and significant thing you would love to do in Gwalior. You can visit places and shop around here and truly enjoy the holidays.
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