Bhopal is the capital city of Madhya Pradesh. It is the blend of history, culture, tradition and other varieties mixed together. It has such amazing places that you would love to see again and again.

Bhopal Tourist Information
Bhopal Must Visit Places
Buddhist Monuments at Sanchi is a place that you should visit. You must spend significant amount of time to be serene and peaceful here. Upper lake is the body of water that is famous here. Rock shelters of Bhim Bhetka, Lakshmi narayan temple, four fountains spa, are some interesting things you can spend time in. Other famous monuments and forts that you must not miss are Taj Ul Masjid, Gohar mahal, Bharat Bhawan, Van Vihar, Government Archeological Museum, etc. All these places are adding the beauty of the place.

Bhopal's Famous Cuisines
The cuisine of Madhya Pradesh varies from place to place. The food can be spicy at the same time simple. There are so many restaurants that you can choose to get the best of food to help your taste bud. There are some of the famous delicacies that are found here, Dahi bhallas, Kebabs, paneer paranthas etc.

Bhopal Markets
Bhopal is very much famous for shopping areas. Shopping is fun and entertaining here. New Market and Chowk are two famous places that you can get involved in Bhopal. Specialty of Bhopal is Tussar silk. It is a delicate fabric that makes your dress very stylish and rich. There are wide ranges of handicrafts emporium, C.S Handloom and Handloom collection that are famous. These are best places to buy exquisite handlooms. Zari work is an adding beauty to these shopping items.

How To Reach Bhopal
You can reach Bhopal through airport in Bhopal called Raja bhoj airport. The city is well connected through trains all around the country and also through bus routes. You can choose your mean of transport to visit Bhopal.

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