Bandhavgarh is famous for its tigers. You are lucky if you see them here while your visit in Madhya Pradesh. There are not only tiger sightseeing here in Bandhavgarh but you have so many archeological splendors that should be visited. In last few years, this park has become one of the dominant national parks in India. Badhavgarh has amazing forts which stands tall and boasts of its gallantry.

Bandhavgarh Tourist Information
Bandhavgarh Must Visit Places
Bandhavgarh national park is a must visit here. Bandhavgarh is a beautiful place with its national park and amazing forts. There are many other tourist attractions that you can visit here. Kanha is the habitat of rare background barasingha. Khajuraho is the place located in forested plains of Madhya Pradesh. It has unique temperature. Bhedaghat is a glittering splendor where you can get the serene locations. Jabalpur is the capital of Gond kings since early times. Now it has become one of the important administrative places.

Bandhavgarh's Famous Cuisines
Bandhavgarh cuisine is varied. You are sure to stay here in resorts and hotels. There are so many different resorts and restaurants that will help you with variety of Cuisine. Whether you need Indian, Continental or Chinese food. Get the tastes you want to enjoy. There are some of the bhojnalayas that are very famous.

Bandhavgarh Markets
Bandhavgarh is not famous for shopping. You do not find many unique things but some local items can be shopped here. You can look for some of the local markets where you can shop for the local things famous here. You may find some of the best kinds of leather and other handicraft materials. You get good quality materials within limited budget.

How To Reach Bandhavgarh
You can reach Bandhavgarh through air, train or buses. The nearest airport is at khajuraho. Then you can take down any bus that is connecting to your place. Umeria has the nearest railway station.

India tour city manages to make your trip memorable and simply enjoying when you are visiting Bandhavgarh. Seeing the tigers and other famous forts are entertaining and educative with our tour packages.
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