Thekkady is truly a wonder – hills, tiger and elephant reserves, spice plantations, lake and more – all rolled into one ethereal place in the heart of Kerala. People have fallen in love with it and revisited as often as possible. Maybe you too will.

Thekkady Tourist Information
Thekkady Must Visit Places
Thekkady is home to the Periyar Tiger Reserve and chances are high for you to meet the big cat. But it is a certainty that you will behold a herd of elephants frolicking in the man-made Periyar Lake. You can catch the sight on your boating trip across the vast lake. You will also be rewarded with amazing views of thick forested hills on all sides. Some resorts arrange for overnight camping deep inside the forest which promises a tiger sighting. You can also climb atop the tourism department’s observatories and forest towers especially for a pretty sunset or sunrise. Trekking expeditions are also arranged for visitors willing to brave the dense undergrowth, for Thekkady is almost always covered in mist and a damp chill. For a less intense day, visit Idukki where most of the spices are grown in Kerala. You can negotiate with the locals for a visit to a spice plantation which is truly an aromatic experience.

Thekkady's Famous Cuisines
Thekkady offers very basic Kerala food. Visit the road side stalls and little shops for very cheap and very tasty local fare. But if you seek a more exotic spread, head to the restaurant run by the resorts like Aranya Nivas. Interestingly, Shalimar Spice Garden has authentic Italian dishes prepared by an Italian chef.

Thekkady Markets
At Idukki you can buy fresh spices and also local-made items like jewellery, handicrafts among other things. You can pick up souvenirs from the shops in the Tiger Reserve as well.

How To Reach Thekkady
Thekkady is reachable by road via Dindigul and a serpentine uphill drive. You can also take the train up to Kottayam or a plane to Madurai. From both places you can hire a car to reach your destination.
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