The island of Poovar is one of Kerala’s best kept secrets. If one is tired with the somewhat crowded beaches of Kovalam, one should head to this little corner of solitude and bliss. It offers more than backwaters as it lies at the edge of the Arabian Sea and the experience combines both sea and river. It is not for the regular crowd as the very few resorts have exclusive price tags along with the best of Indian Ayurvedic spas.

Poovar Tourist Information
Poovar Must Visit Places
The journey to Poovar is one of the most beautiful and thrilling experiences one can ever have. A short boat ride on the Neyyar River will be your best backwater memory, and then suddenly you shall venture into the open sea, overlooking which is the beach of Poovar. All the resorts have facilities for the traveller to relax and laze around in addition to remarkable centres of Ayurveda. Most people come here for the expensive but worthwhile treatments. Evenings are spent witnessing Kathakali dancers take centre stage, enjoying cozy bonfires on the beach, and live band performances.

Poovar's Famous Cuisines
The resorts cater only to their residents. But the spread ranges from good to excellent. Most places have buffets with local favourites like prawns, lobster, and karimeen fish. However people seeking Ayurvedic treatment are encouraged to stick to vegetarian meals.

Poovar Markets
When in Poovar, simply relax your mind and body. Shopping and noisy crowds were left behind in Kovalam.

How To Reach Poovar
Poovar is 18 kms south-east of Kovalam and is accessible by road. The drive is very picturesque followed by the legendary boat ride across river and sea.
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