Kodai is one of the best hill stations in South India and was founded by Americans. This scenic place is perennially covered with mist but the weather never chills you to the bones, which is why it is such a favourite destination for couples and honeymooners. But Kodai welcomes one and all.

Kodaikanal Tourist Information
Kodaikanal Must Visit Places
The star-shaped Kodai Lake offers wonderful boat rides in the mist, while surrounding it is a stretch of paved path perfect for bicycling, pony rides, and long walks. For a more solitary affair choose Coaker’s Walk, a 1km steep stretch complete with an observatory and a panoramic view. Close by is the botanical garden, Bryant Park, and the notorious ‘Suicide Point’ called Green Valley View. Perhaps the most exciting part of Kodai is 7kms away, the giant 400 feet Pillar Rocks. A more traditional affair is the Kurinji Andavar Temple, from where one gets breathtaking views of the plains below and the Vaigai Dam. Adventurers can head to Perumal Peak, 12kms from Kodai, which is the highest peak in the vicinity. An interesting place to go is the Kodai Observatory where one can peek through a telescope. Many people visit Beri-Jam, a picturesque and lush reservoir and forested area, 23kms from Kodai.

Kodaikanal's Famous Cuisines
Though you will find an assortment of fine dining options, it is a must to try out the street-side fried chillies. Silver Inn is the place of choice for most tourists though it is a tad expensive. Hotel Punjab is a good option for people looking for North Indian food. Tibetan Brothers has warmth in its ambience and its hot ‘momos’. Finally, Fay’s Confectionary is a must for its tempting cakes and pastries.

Kodaikanal Markets
Around Kodai you will find small marketplaces catering exclusively to tourists. There is a whole street filled with homemade chocolates and other delicacies. A very special place is Eco-Nut, a shop that exclusively stocks organic food like locally collected honey, tea, and also ready-to-eat articles like biscuits, muffins and chocolates.

How To Reach Kodaikanal
Kodai is accessible by rail from both Chennai and Bangalore. The station is 80kms from your destination and the ride uphill is a delight. One can also take a bus from Bangalore which takes half a day.
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