This little town in the district of Thrissur in Kerala is best regarded as pilgrimage town though it has enough of culture to go along with its religious legacy. The town has an ancient and even mythological appeal though it finds little mention in history texts.

Guruvayur Tourist Information
Guruvayur Must Visit Places
Every year a massive number of devotees throng to the Guruvayur Shree Krishna Temple making it the fourth biggest of religious gatherings in the country. The temple has its own illustrious history and one of the holiest shrines devoted to Lord Krishna. The ceremonies follow strict customs. The famous flagstaff of the temple is embellished with pure gold. Though life in Guruvayur revolves around this temple, other places like Mammiyoor Temple, devoted to Lord Shiva, is almost always on one’s itinerary. Punnathurkotta, located just 2kms from the Guruvayur Temple, currently serves as a breeding ground and habitat of elephants of the temple itself. These elephants are decked up and taken for rides during festivals. Originally, the place was a fort and one can still glimpse the ruins on one’s visit. Every Ekadasi extravagant pujas and elephant displays are held in the temple premises. Entwined with this occasion is the highly-regarded Chembai Sangeetholsavam, a fortnight long classical music festival where thousands of participants congregate. A quick visit to the Chowallar Beach promises a picturesque sunset.

Guruvayur's Famous Cuisines
Since most people come here for religious purposes, food is very basic. One will easily find stalls and vendors around temples to satisfy street food cravings, but for a full meal it’s best to head to the hotels in town. A few good ones are Krishna Inn, Kanoos Residency, and Hotel Horizon International.

Guruvayur Markets
Little shops throng the gates of all the temples at Guruvayur. Here one can find anything from miniature idols, jewellery, and other local collectibles. You will also find everything you need for the ‘puja’ at these shops. Some reputed places sell traditional sarees, jewellery, and handicrafts as well.

How To Reach Guruvayur
To reach Guruvayur by train you need to get on any train between Chennai and Mangalore. By road it is accessible by state-run buses from all major cities in Kerala. The nearest airport is Kochi, 65kms away from where you can avail private transport.
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