Udupi is one of its kind in its heady mix of religion and unabashed pleasure. Predominantly famed for its many temples, this surprisingly lovely place comprises a couple of scenic beaches.

Udupi Tourist Information
Udupi Must Visit Places
Udupi gained fame for its numerous temples, the biggest of which is the Sri Krishna Temple, followed by the Chandramouleeshwara Temple and the Ananteshwara Temple. In addition to these major shrines, there are numerous monasteries (mutts) that cater to the large inflow of devotees. After a hectic day, it’s time to head to the beaches of Udupi for it has two of them. The Malpe Beach is a noisy but invigorating affair and has many privately-operated water sports options like banana boat rides, speedboats, and water bikes. One can hire any of these to reach St Mary’s Island just 20 minutes away. The banana boat ride is especially thrilling. The island has some unique rock formations on its beach and is a very serene spot, though swimming is off limits. Kaup Beach with its 130 feet tall lighthouse offers an unforgettable sunset to visitors and is less populated than Malpe. If you have some time to spare, visit the university town of Manipal, situated close by.

Udupi's Famous Cuisines
Udupi hardly disappoints in its variety of food. The innumerable vendors sell spicy dosas and traditional South Indian ‘thalis’. But a truly memorable place to eat is the Mitra Samaj with its piping hot masala dosas. If you are looking for a more exotic spread, head to the Karavali Hotel or Latha Hotel, where seafood is sumptuously prepared. Another must is the sea side stalls that deep fry the day’s fresh catch for your gastronomic pleasure.

Udupi Markets
The tradition-rich Car Street is the place to be for shoppers. Handicrafts, local jewellery, articles made from shells and conches abound in the street stalls and near the temples. Pick up some local made pickles on your shopping spree.

How To Reach Udupi
Regular bus services are available from Bangalore, though driving down via Mangalore offers a breathtaking coastal ride. One can also take the train to the Udupi station, a mere 3kms from town. The nearest airport is Mangalore.
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