Steeped in history, religion and culture, this district in Karnataka is one of the best destinations for tourists. The major attractions are Halebid, Belur, and Shravana Belagola.

Hassan Tourist Information
Hassan Must Visit Places
Hassan holds some of the finest relics of ancient India. The marvellous temples and stone carvings of the Hoysala Dynasty will keep one busy for at least a couple of days. In Halebid, which used to be the royal capital, the Hoysaleshwara Temple and its pristine courtyard offers a welcome break as religion and peace are entwined. The Shantaleswara Temple is also a fine attraction. A trip to Halebid in incomplete without visiting its twin, Belur, which also boasts of intricately carved Hoysala architecture. The famous Chenna Kesava Temple holds within itself the footprints of the Lord Rama and gorgeous black pillars which are often decorated with flowers and vermilion. The Hoysalas were also inspired by Jainism, something amply showcased in the world-famous largest monolithic and colossal statue of the Tirthankar, Gomateshwara. Once in every 12 years the statue is anointed with milk, ghee, saffron and gold - an event called ‘Mahamastakabhishekha’. The next is scheduled in 2018.

Hassan's Famous Cuisines
If you wish to savour anything apart from traditional Kannada fare, try Malnad cuisine which makes innovative use of ‘ragi.’ Also available are eateries that serve food from Coorg and excellent meat preparations by local Muslims. Hassan is famous for its chain of Iyengar Bakeries which put a traditional twist in regular oven-baked items.

Hassan Markets
Apart from the commercial part of Hassan, the best place to get your shopping fix is at Belur. The entrance to the temple is thronged with colourful, local favourites like gold, silver and even glass bangles. One can also buy small replicas of the idols and informative postcards and hand-made articles. It is almost impossible to leave Hassan without buying some home-grown coffee, the best of which is available at the fresh market at Belur.

How To Reach Hassan
Hassan is well connected by rail and road with both Bangalore and Mangalore. The nearest airport is Bangalore, though both state and private buses ply regularly. Halebid is just an hour-long bus journey from Hassan, while Belur is another 16kms from the Halebid.
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