There is so much in this south-western district in Karnataka that one needs to revisit it often to completely enjoy it. It houses numerous reserved forests and hill tops, not to mention the most magnificent manifestations of the river Kaveri. Coorg has something for everyone, be it a nature lover, a thrill seeker or weekender.

Coorg Tourist Information
Coorg Must Visit Places
You are spoilt for choice between Kabini, Nagarhole and Dubare when it comes to having thrilling jungle safaris and elephant rides. Kabini offers a breathtaking boat ride compete with a close encounter with elephant herds bathing and basking in the sun. In Nagarhole you have more chances of sighting tigers, while Dubare is the quietest corner on the banks of the Kaveri which also allows you to commune with an elephant. Irpu Falls is a thrilling drive followed by a trek to a truly wonderful sight. If you get tired with the jungles, visit the vibrant and lush green district headquarter, Madikeri. Places you can go include Omkareshwara Temple, Madikeri Fort and Raja’s Seat for beautiful sunsets. Madikeri is also perfect for trekking. Just 50kms away is Talakaveri where the mighty river originates. Next, head to the aromatic coffee plantations of Siddapur and laze around for a day. Finally, when in Coorg follow your instincts and find whatever nook or cranny suits you.

Coorg's Famous Cuisines
Coorg cuisine is something you’ll miss most next to the district’s serenity when back home. The locals specialize in cooking sumptuous dishes of pork, chicken and make innovative use of home grown spices. The home made rice noodle is one of Coorg’s best kept secrets. The best places to eat are, not surprisingly, the local kitchens. Coorg hospitality goes far beyond your conventional home stay. Still, Raj Darshan in Madikeri is one of the best eating places. Almost all roadside stalls serve great coffee.

Coorg Markets
The best, if not only, place to find worthwhile shops and souvenir outlets is Madikeri. Keep in mind, people visit here to relax, and soak up the hills, so shopping should strictly be optional. The best things to take home are the local style of draping a saree and some delicious recipes.

How To Reach Coorg
The only way to reach is by road but the drive is great and as picturesque as you can ask for.
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