No Doubt, Srinagar is an amazing place to visit. Truly it is said that heaven falls here. It is blessed with so many amazing facts and serene beauty all over. Srinagar, which is the capital of Jammu and Kashmir, is an ideal place for holidaying. This is one of the hill stations that are attracting tourists from all over the world. There are so many different tourist destinations that are gathering tourists from all across the world to its beauty.

Srinagar Tourist Information
Srinagar Must Visit Places
Dal Lake is one of the amazing tourist destinations that are attracting people in Srinagar. There are four more water bodies that surround Dal Lake, which are namely Lokut dal, Bod dal, Gagribal and Nagin. Wular Lake is also appreciative and it is famous amongst tourists. Hazratbal shrine is another place attracting every one. It is said to be sacred pilgrimage centre for Muslims. You can also visit shankaracharya temple and Jama masjid amongst other attractive tourist destination. Chhatti pathshahi, Khir Bhawani temple, Chashma Shahi, Nishat garden etc.

Srinagar's Famous Cuisines
Kashmir cuisine varies from simple food to amazing 36 varieties of food prepared in wedding. This 36 course wedding is said to be wazawan. One of the staple diets of every Kashmiri is rice. Cooking may involve cooking meat and vegetable at the same time. Dum aloo, fried paneer, thick sauces are the best kinds of dishes that are considered to be favorite amongst Kashmiri. There are some of the traditional bakery shops that may be worth catching up.

Srinagar Markets
You have so many different options to get the best shopping in Srinagar markets. Carpets, handmade shawls, stone jewelery and silver products are also said to be the best kinds of Kashmir products that you can buy even in their local markets.

How To Reach Srinagar
There are three ways to reach Srinagar. You can travel through air, train or even land. It has easy connectivity through Airport, which is situated here. Also trains are connected from all over different stations.

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