Katra is a well known place situated in Jammu and Kashmir. It is almost 50 kms from Jammu. The specialty of this place is that it is well connected to all major destinations in Jammu. Jammu is well connected to all places through train, air and bus. As per the convenience of the mode of transport, tourists can book their own means. Katra is a beautiful place that must be explored.

Katra Tourist Information
Katra Must Visit Places
Unlike other cities, Katra also includes some major places that should be visited. Batote is one place that you can visit around Katra. Jhajhar kotli is also a good place to be visited around Katra. Trikuta hills atop is a famous hill top adventurous for tourists. It has numerous temples and shrines along with small shopping areas to entertain. You can visit Mantai or also a Shiva temple that is located near to Katra. Baba Dhansar also has a Shiva temple that is very famous amongst tourist and local people.

Katra's Famous Cuisines
Katra Cuisines follow very normal cuisines of the Kashmiri food. They follow Green tea and have their lavish kashmiri food that you can have in the accommodation or hotel where you stay too.

Katra Markets
Katra is not very famous in terms of shopping. But you can visit the local shops where some cheap priced but quality stuff in woolen and pashmina varieties are found. When you visit places around Katra, different stuff that may attract you. They are priced best keeping in mind the quality and price.

How To Reach Katra
You can reach Katra by air, train or through Bus. Nearest Airport is at Jammu which is around 55 kms away. Katra is well connected to Jammu by national Highway and then the rest of the world. Nearest Station is also in Jammu that is around 50 kms away. You can have greatest feasibility to travel anywhere with these means of transport.

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