Nature has endowed all its beauty in Jammu and Kashmir. It may be very hard to put in any words to describe the beauty of this place. Kashmir includes splendorous valley of it. It also has Mughal gardens to captivate the beauty of place. Kashmir is known for its beauty from all over the world.

Kashmir Tourist Information
Kashmir Must Visit Places
There are many places that must be visited in Kashmir. Gulmarg is one such legendary and beautiful place that is gaining its own importance. Gulmarg is also known to be view point since early days. Pahalgam is also said to be valley of shepherds. There are many places around Pahalgam that may be interesting. Sonamarg is another great place to be visited. Amarnath Ji Yatra or journey in to faith is also a great journey that many tourists would love to explore the caves.

Kashmir's Famous Cuisines
Kashmir food mostly comprises of non vegetarian dishes. Rice is said to be the staple food. Lamb, Goat and chicken food is considered to be famous food. They make use of curds in the gravies, which is yet another specialty of the food. All the dishes are cooked in mustard oil and they add on more spices to it. Wazwan is the traditional cooking way followed while making any food like Meeth Maze, Dhani Phul, Sheekh Kabab, Aloo Bukhar etc.

Kashmir Markets
Some of the amazing markets in Kashmir for shopping include Main Markets, floating markets, open bazaars, and old city. Pashmina and Shahtoosh shawls are considered very good items to be shopped here. Walnut furniture and handicrafts are also considered very special. Lal chowk and Badshah Chowk are considered to be very famous shopping spree.

How To Reach Kashmir
You can reach Kashmir by three modes. It can be covered by air, by land or by train. The situation depends on how far and how near you live by.

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