Manali is one of the coolest hill stations that is present in Himachal Pradesh. Every year so many people get out visiting Manali in summer vacations. It has a cool and pleasant weather. Woolen clothing is the best clothing that is suggested to be worn in this place. You can manage to do adventurous things all around the place with even enjoying the sight-seeing. There are many places that you should visit in Manali.

Manali Tourist Information
Manali Must Visit Places
Hadimba devi temple, Manu temple and Vashisht are the famous places that needs to be visited. Monastries, Jagatsukh and Solang valley are also great places that should be seen by every tourists. Triloknath, club house, Vashishth bathare also places that will excite you when you are visiting them. Enjoy these amazing places that you can see in Manali.

Manali's Famous Cuisines
There are crops that are grown all over. It is these crops that manage to grow paddy, maize, kodra etc. milk and milk based recipes dominate the manali cuisine. There are wine made from barley and rice. Rice, curd, pulses and raita are the favorite food here in Manali. Both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food is available.

Manali Markets
There are two main markets that are very famous in Manali. Baclaran market near EDSA is a famous one and the other one is Divisoria market on the other side of Quipio. You can get some of the best deals in these places. If you know how to bargain then you can get quality items in cheaper price. Some handicrafts and woolen things are very famous that should be bought.

How To Reach Manali
There are various ways to reach Manali., You can book your flight, train or bus as per the convenience mode. India tour city manages to make your trip very enjoyable. You are not going to get in to any hassles when we are here to help you get your trip planning and implementation. Nearest airport is Bhuntar and nearest station is at Joginder nagar. Manali is also well connected to various bus networks. So we will help you make your travel very easy.
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