Himachal’s most popular tourist valley resorts are said to be Kullu and Manali. It is located on the banks of river Beas. Truly it is said to be ‘valley of Gods’. This place is said to be the official home of Lord Raghunath ji. Kullu is also said to be the mirror of culture of Himachal Pradesh. There are some of the famous dance and painting famous for every location. This is a beautiful place that makes your holidays more easy and comfortable.

Kullu Tourist Information
Kullu Must Visit Places
Bhuntar, is said to be the gateway of Kullu. Bhishweshwara temple is located in Bhijwara and it is said to be amazing destination for everyone. Adibrahma templs in Khokhan is also a famous temple that should be visited. Triyug narayan temple is famous for its dedication to Lord Vishnu. Manikaran, Kirganga and Bijli mahadev are other such temples that must be visited. Rahalla falls, monasteries and Manali gompa are other famous places that should be visited.

Kullu's Famous Cuisines
Kullu follows cuisine as its weather follows. You can see cold and pleasant weather and accordingly food would be modified. Rice, lentil and vegetables form the main staple food of this region. There are some of the non-veg which include more of spices in it to get better taste. Tea is one of the best drinks in Kullu. Kullu food is there to make you healthy enough.

Kullu Markets
You can shop in local markets for Kullu Shawls, caps and gadmas. You can get in to bringing these goods from shops as well as himachal state weaving cooperative. This is almost 6 kms from south of Kullu. There are so many places where you can run these cooperatives. Khadi gramodyog and handicrafts emporium are also famous for this place.

How To Reach Kullu
There are different ways to reach Kullu. You can reach there by air, land or train.

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