One of the pictures queue valleys in lower Himalaya is Kangra. This valley is very green and luscious. You can see a huge contrast in nature. The existence of this place dates back to Vedic ages. There were successive invasions of this place by British Empire and now after freedom, it enjoys being one of the best kinds of tourist destination. Kangra has become a good place to be visited in Himachal Pradesh and more and more tourists are visiting it every year.

Kangra Tourist Information
Kangra Must Visit Places
Amongst different places that you should visit in Kangra, Mahadev Pratap Sagar Lake is a good one. This is made from Beas River. Chamunda devi temple is one of the religious temple that is visited by everyone. Jwalamukhi is situated 30 kms from Kangra and it is enjoyed to be a good tourist destination. Brajeshwari devi temple is yet another good place to be visited in Kangra. If you love nature, you should also see masroor rock temple and Kangra fort. There is Taragarh palace and Chinmaya tapovana that would get you in different mode.

Kangra's Famous Cuisines
Although Kangra does not follow any specific cuisines but it can be said that Tibetan and Punjabi influence is more on the food of Kangra. You can see much of those cuisine involved with the places in Kangra. Nasasta, Indra is some of the best cuisines of this place.

Kangra Markets
Getting in to local markets to get quality stuff in cheaper price is one of the greatest satisfactions for those who love to shop. In the local markets in Kangra you can catch up with woolen and other handicraft materials. You can get all these items in cheaper price.

How To Reach Kangra
You can reach Kangra via bus, train or flight. India tour city manages to book your tickets easily. You simple have to tell the total number of person and budget. We are here to serve you in best way. Give us an opportunity to book your tickets and help you serve in economical and fun way. You are sure to have memorable trip.
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