Dalhousie is a special place located in the outer slopes of Dhauladhar range. This is a hill station located in the district of chamba. There is a number of picturesque ways through oak of pine, and deodar villages. It offers excellent views of rivers flowing through it. This place was founded by Lord Dalhousie. It is also considered to be the most quiet hill station. There are five distinct hills situated around.

Dalhousie Tourist Information
Dalhousie Must Visit Places
Bakrota hills are a fascinating and bewitching place. The tourist can walk around in this natural view. You are sure to be speechless when you see the things. It is covered with deodar forests. Soul refreshing pure mountain refreshes every moment you live there. St Andrews church, which is also known as Church of Scotland, was built in year 1909. St Francis church is another famous church. After Dalhousie was formed, this was the first church that was found. Dayakund is a towering and beautiful peak. Kalatop, Khajiar and Panchphulla are other few places that must be visited.

Dalhousie's Famous Cuisines
If you want to find the Dalhousie cuisine, you can eat in the restaurants and other places. They help you with himachali cuisine that has special spices and materials used in same.

Dalhousie Markets
Dalhousie is known as shopping hub. There are wide variety of imported good and souvenirs that you can find at Dalhousie. The Tibetan is one special market where you can shop around. There are shops along Gandhi chowk. Bags, dolls, handicrafts and carpets are the items that you can buy here. You can buy these from local shops.

How To Reach Dalhousie
There are three ways to reach Dalhousie. The nearest airport is Gaggal or Kangra. You can also access this place through train as the station is located at pathankot. Every part of road is easily linked by train. There are different buses running all over the places.

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