Chamba is a famous place in Himachal Pradesh. Chamba is famous for having so many temples and palaces. Two of the most popular fairs are a must to be seen here. Chamba has its own specialty with its historic importance. Two major tribal groups are situated here. Chamba is also famous for its traditional things. They are famous to have woolen blankets and shawls around their waist. Muslim and hindu women wear almost same kind of dresses.

Chamba Tourist Information
Chamba Must Visit Places
There are some of the places that you should visit in Chamba. There is a famous Hari rai temple which is devoted to Lord Vishnu. There is a famous Akhand Chandi palace in Chamba too. You can see the amazing carvings, glass work, and painted walls that are the specialty of this palace. Rang mahal is also a famous palace that is worth seeing. Sri Bhageshwar mahadev mandir is devoted to Lord Shiva. There are other lists of places that must be visited in Chamba. All of these places form special sightseeing for the tourists.

Chamba's Famous Cuisines
Chamba is famous for its himachali cuisines. There are so many kinds of amazing food that must be tasted if you have taste for food. Himachali cuisine makes use of spices and pickles to make the food delicious.

Chamba Markets
There are so many local markets in Chamba. If you want to shop around then you have main market that surrounds central chowgan. There are so many things made of stone and metal. You can also pick up some paintings of chamba and kangra. There are amazing champa slippers too, which are very famous. You can look in to handicrafts emporium where you can get woolen shawls. Chamba is also famous for chilli pickles.

How To Reach Chamba
There are three ways to reach Chamba. You have connectivity through air, land or train. Nearest airport to chamba is airport in Dehradun. It is nearly 80 kms from Chamba. Nearest rail track is in Kashmir which is around 60 kms from here. Chamba is well connected to all the bus services.

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