Patna rests on the southern bank of Ganges and it is the capital city of Bihar. It forms one of the important place and important business centre in Bihar. It is also said to be the pilgrim centers of Budhist and Jainis. The name of the city has changed as per time. Patna has become an important city in last few years.

Patna Tourist Information
Patna Must Visit Places
One of the most revered places in Patna is Hanuman Mandir. It is located right in front of patna junction. Kumhrar is another important place located in Patna. It has one of the impressive artifacts. Takht Sri Harmandir sahib, which is an important seat of Sikhs, Golghar which is beehive shaped granary are other tourist attractions. Patna museum is just another museum which has all important collection of stones and bronze in it. It is also known as Jaadu Ghar.Patna planetarium and Qila house, are other major attractions in Patna.

Patna's Famous Cuisines
Patna cuisine is famous as Bihar cuisine which ahs wide variety of dishes. The foods are good and rich in taste and health. You can enjoy vegetarian as well as non vegetarian food here in Patna. Sattu, is one favorite thing in Patna. Perukia, Pakodi etc are other food that is eaten here in Patna. Rice, lentils, wheat flour and vegetables are important part of Bihar cuisine.

Patna Markets
Alpana market, Gahana Complex, hathwa market is some of the famous markets in Patna. Main Patna market, are also some markets that will add to glorify your real shopping interest. You can search for the best of fabric, leather items, idols and other handicrafts from these places. You get good quality stuff within your budget.

How To Reach Patna
There are various ways to reach patna. You can come to the nearest airport and also the railway station. You may love to come to this place with the Bus routes. The state is well connected to all other places.

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