Bodh Gaya

Bodh Gaya is a religious place in Bihar and it is situated in Gaya district. This is the place where Gautam Budha is said to have got his enlightenment. It was until 18th century when this place got its real name. Bodh gaya is said to be one of the four pilgrimages in India. Bodh Gaya is almost 12 kms from Gaya. Travel facility from Patna to Gaya is provided by Patna travels.

Bodh Gaya Tourist Information
Bodh Gaya Must Visit Places
Mahabodhi temple is one of the sacred places in Budhist. Bodh gaya Multimedia Museum, which is located next to Mahabodhi temple. This museum has four directions showing historical, geographical, and other life of Budha. Besides these Bodh gaya there are many amazing places that you should visit.

Bodh Gaya's Famous Cuisines
Tasting exclusive Indian cuisine is a must when you are travelling to all places in India. There are wide range of restaurants and eateris where you can satisfy your cravings for amazing variety of food items. You can taste all kinds of vegetarian and delicious meals in this city of Bodh gaya. You will get a special menu in Bodh gaya and you can select as per your wish. Tilkut, anarsa, kheer or milk made sweet dish are famous. You must get the special dish prepared in Bihar. Laddo, Khaja, Belgrami, Perukia, Baalushahi etc are famous stuffs here.

Bodh Gaya Markets
There are not much things that you can buy in Bodh gaya. Some of the restricted things that you can shop in Bodh gaya includes woolen, and textiles. You can buy these products at Tibetan refugee market. Kundan bazaar is one place where you can reach when you want to buy any literature.

How To Reach Bodh Gaya
The nearest airport is situated in Patna and then you can get your bus or train to reach BodhGaya. The place is very well connected to all places cities nearby. Tongas, cycle rickshaws, are few means that you should involve in to while getting around.

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