Vishakhapatnam is a well known sea port that is situated on south east sea coast of Andhra Pradesh. If you look back in History then the place got its name from god of valor, Vishakha. Apart from being a port city, it is an industrial city. I past few decades this place has seen amazing developments. This place has more of Buddhist influence. Vishakhapatnam enjoys tropical savanna climate with some changing in temperature all throughout the year.

Visakhapatnam Tourist Information
Visakhapatnam Must Visit Places
There are some places that you should visit in Vishakhapatnam. It includes Rama Krishna beach, Rishikonda beach, Araku valley, Kailasgiri Park, Borra caves, Vishakhapatnam zoos, Yarada beach, Kambalakonda wildlife sanctuary, Ross hill church, Kondakarla bird sanctuary etc. Vishakhapatnam is also called Vizag. There are beautiful ranges of hills, caves and other things that add to beauty of the place. You are sure to have enriching and exciting experience here.

Visakhapatnam's Famous Cuisines
Mainly, Vishakhapatnam follows typical of the Andhra cuisine. Andhra cuisine includes Idli, Dosa, Sambhar, vada, upma and other dishes. These are very well made in coconut oil. You have taste as well as spices added to the cuisine. You may find other cuisines in the famous resorts and restaurants where you may like to have the food.

Visakhapatnam Markets
Vishakhapatnam is famous for their shopping places. There are good stuff that you can get in cheaper price, Right from handicrafts to other leather items and even the best of the fabrics; you can get all kinds of items. You have local markets and some famous known markets that will bring you the best of Vishakhapatnam shopping items.

How To Reach Visakhapatnam
You can reach Vishakhapatnam via air, land or train. Nearest airport is at Vishakhapatnam and it is also well connected to all the train routes. The nearest cities are connected with the bus routes. Once you reach In Andhra Pradesh, you can get to choose the best means to reach your destination easily. India tour city is here to manage your complete trip without any hassles. Simply let us know your destination and we are here to serve you perfectly.
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