Vijaywada is said to be one of the biggest city in Krishna district. It is the third largest city in the world. It originated on the south side of River Krishna. Today, Vijaywada is famous for being the home of so many well known places like educational institutions and well recognized colleges. The city is well connected to all other regions just perfectly.

Vijayawada Tourist Information
Vijayawada Must Visit Places
There are so many gardens, mosques and temples that you should visit in Vijaywada. All these are of interesting facts. Each of these monuments and forts has origination that dates back to historical times. One of the most famous temples around Vijaywada is kanak durga temple. Marakata raja rajeshwari temple is yet another temple that is famous here. Subramanya swamy temple, Mangalagiri, Hazrat bal mosque, Hinkar Tirtha, are other famous temples that are must visit places here. Prakasham barrage, Undavalai caves, Rajiv Gandhi Park, Gadnhi hill, Victoria Museum, Bhavani Island and Kondapalli fort are other major attractions located here.

Vijayawada's Famous Cuisines
Vijaywada cuisine follows typical Andhra cuisine. Idli, sambhar, dosa and upma are the favorite ones. There are many restaurants and hotels which can help you with other variety of food items. You may also get to taste other south Indian dishes.

Vijayawada Markets
Vijaywada is famous place for shopping too. You can look for some of the best items like handicrafts and fabric in the local markets too. You can shop in so many super markets and local markets nearby the tourist spots.

How To Reach Vijayawada
Viaywada is easily accessible from all across the country. You can reach here via air, land or train. The domestic airport is situated at Gannavaram. It is about 20 kms from the city. It connects Vijaywada to Hyderabad and Bangalore, chennai, delhi etc. it also has the biggest railway station located at Chennai-howrah et. Biggest railway junction is at south central railway.

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