Madhya Pradesh Tourist Attractions

Visiting Madhya pradesh, the heart of India is a must for anyone who plans to visit India. It has amazing tourist destination like khajuraho, Mandu and innumerable other places. Khajuraho has magnificent architectural benefits. The symmetry and design of the temple is simply amazing. There are three divisions of this temple, Eastern, western and Southern sides. There are different and amazing aspects of human lifestyle. Madhya Pradesh is also famous for its charm in heritage and culture that has given a distinctive feel. This state is also famous for its pilgrim tours. Sanchi is a famous place in Madhya Pradesh. Rich cultural and natural heritage are also the importance of this place that is preserved since long. There are so many amazing temples in this state. Ujjain, Maheshwar, Amarkantak, Omkareshwar and Hoshangabad are few of the pilgrimage places.

Apart from pilgrimages, you also have amazing wildlife sanctuaries. Kanha National park is one such example. It has great architectural designs. You can see amazing modern and traditional designs in the architecture. Orchha fort, Jehangir mehal and Gwalior fort are examples of such exhilarating architectural designs. Madhya Pradesh is famous for its cuisines and also amazing handicrafts. There are land rugged mountains. Dance and music also form a special part in the Madhya Pradesh culture. Khajuraho dance festival is one of the famous ones. From the moment you enter the state of Madhya Pradesh, you can feel the difference in its lifestyle. You feel the royal love and longings in the Mandu city of Madhya Pradesh. There are so many other places that need to be explored in Madhya Pradesh. Selecting the right tour packages would be helpful. India tour city is one such travel company that would make your travelling experience memorable. Madhya Pradesh has diverse characteristics and features that make it great when you see it.