Karnataka Tourist Attractions

One of the most sought after destination in South India is Karnataka. This is the land of sheer natural beauty that encompasses great weather. You can see modern culture and unmatched traditions with culture being followed at the same time. The states also offer you charming gardens and hill satiations which will make your health and wealth prosper when you are here. Lovely beaches, beautiful monuments, big temples, lovely gardens are the main characteristics of the Karnataka state. There are so many amazing cities in the Karnataka place that will astonish you. Bangalore is the main capital region of Karnataka. It is also said to be the IT Hub. Most of the software companies are situated here. Bangalore is said to be city of 3 Ws: Women, Wine and Weather. You are sure to find amazing weather and climate all through 12 months in a year.

There are other important places that will add beauty to visit in such travel packages to Bangalore. Mysore, which is also said to be city of palaces, boasts of amazing culture and royal heritage. You can see well laid gardens, zoos. Every year so many tourists come to this place. Hampi, Srirangpatna and Hassan and Badami are some other places that you need to look for. All these places are having great cultural heritage and traditional values at the same time. You get the religious feeling and feel good by heart when you see them. Karnataka tours help you get in to have the best of temples and cave visit. You get to have exploring tour when you explore new culture tradition and places. India tour city can make your tour much more educative and amazing. Get in to the feel of artificial lake, carved cave temples and greenery surrounded all over with the help of this great tour and travels.