Bihar Tourist Attractions

If you are trying to explore different states in India then Bihar is one of the prominent one. By visiting Bihar you can explore as many pictures queue destinations as you can. There are many major facts that would benefit you when you explore Bihar. There are so many lesser known facts with Bihar that has hampered many people not to visit this lesser known tourist spot. Instead they prefer to visit other places like Kerala and Maharashtra. If you get to have more known facts with Bihar, you are sure to love to travel to this place. Bihar is the centre of power, education and culture. There are so many religions that flourish here and have been given a way from Bihar. It includes Buddhism, Jainism, Hinduism and also Sikhism. One of the best book remains is the arthashastra and kamasutra till date. There have been so many renowned writers and poets who have come up with their mind blowing works in their fields.

Bihar enjoys many tourist spot which has religious as well as historical importance. Patna, Nalanda, Bodh Gaya, vaishali are some of the places that must be visited. Nalanda is the famous institute for Buddhist learning. It was one of the prestigious learning institutes in Asia. Bihar is also famous for its tasty food varieties. Bihar has breathtaking beauty and it is the holy destination for budhism. Bihar has its border with Nepal. Bhojpuri, Magadhi, Angika and Maithili are some of the main languages spoken in this state. Magadhi was spoken during the reign of Ashoka. Bihar is famous as it is the best learning seat in India. In past, major developments have been made in roads and other transportation areas. India tour city will provide you great experience for your trip in Bihar. It is an exciting and educative place that must be visited.