Andhra Pradesh Tourist Attractions

Andhra Pradesh has so many varied cities that are famous for its own reason. It is one of the places that not many people look in to visiting as tourist but you have the best and peaceful time when you spend time in Andhra Pradesh. It is famous for its historic places, temples, museums, and many more of such places. Hyderabad is the capital city of Andhra Pradesh. It is also said to be Pearl City of Andhra. Goconda fort, Charminar and Hussain Sagar are some of the main places that you should visit. Warangal is serving as capital City of Kakatiyas Empire. It has large number of majestic temples and attracts large number of tourists from all across the world. Bhadra kali temple is one of the famous temples situated in here. You can feel the exquisite architecture and amazing sculptures that make you feel astonished.

When you visit Hyderabad, you can feel the real charm in exploring the amazing beauty of Andhra Pradesh. Vishakapatnam and Vizag is yet another places that must be visited here. Vizag is enclosed with 3 hills on each side. There are so many holiday makers to enjoy their holidays in Andhra. You can also find some of the best wildlife sanctuaries and also museums and zoology parks that should be visited around. Vijaywada is also said to be one of the amazing places that should be seen. Vijaywada is also famous for making its pickles and mangoes. You can marvel the architectural background and you can also get to feel the serenity of the place. You can set the wildlife sanctuary visit too. If you love sand then you can get in to the sandy experiences of visiting sandy pleasures of sparkling sands and serene ambience. Hyderabad is also famous for shopping. So you can enjoy complete trip to Andhra Pradesh. India tour city helps you manage these things with your own budget.