Jim Corbett National Park

The very first wildlife sanctuary in India was Jim Corbett national park. It is extending its area over more than 500 sq km in the Himalayan region. Corbett national park was established long back in 1936. Initially it had other names with which it was known and finally now its name is Jim Corbett national park. It is famous as having the best of man hunting tigers that you can find. There are so many resorts and hotels around the place where you can get your accommodation booked.

Jim Corbett National Park Tourist Information
Jim Corbett National Park Must Visit Places
Dhikala is one of the well known places that should be visited in Jim Corbett national park. You may see the location near Patli dun valley. Garjia temple is yet another temple that should be visited and it is situated 14 kms from Ramnagar. One of the shooting block is Bijrani, which is again a must watch by tourists. Jhirna is a rest house that is adding to other attractions. You may also get in to looking for Corbett wildlife museum.

Jim Corbett National Park's Famous Cuisines
Jim Corbett national park has many resorts and hotels that will provide you with amazing cuisines bit continental, Indian and other Chinese cuisines. You may get the taste of real Uttarakhand food in these resorts too.

Jim Corbett National Park Markets
Although Jim Corbett national park is not much known for shopping, but you have small and local markets where you can get some handicrafts and woolen materials. There is no such famous market areas that you need to roam around.

How To Reach Jim Corbett National Park
You can reach Jim Corbett national park in various ways. You may choose to go for travelling through air, train or bus depending on your holiday time span and budget. There are nearby airports and stations. The region is very well connected with the bus routes.

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